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Just How Dangerous Is Hypertension?


Hypertension is one of the most common health conditions that many older adults face. It is a prevalent condition, but with the power of medicine and lifestyle changes, it can be countered. 

As providers of medications and medical supplies in Michigan, we know that many individuals may underestimate the dangers of hypertension because of the many ways to address it. What are the dangers that come with this condition? 

  • Heart Conditions
    Problems with the heart can develop with unaddressed hypertension. Prolonged pressure on artery walls will make them less elastic, decreasing blood flow to the heart.
    Hypertension also damages blood vessels. When this condition is left unaddressed, it can even lead to fatal heart attacks and strokes. And any threat to the heart will always be dangerous.
  • Vision Problems
    High blood pressure will also damage the blood vessels in the retina. This complication is referred to as retinopathy. When this happens, you may suffer from vision problems.
  • Aneurysm
    Hypertension can weaken your blood vessels. Eventually, these weak blood vessels can bulge, and an aneurysm ensues. This complication can be deadly when it ruptures.

The numerous complications that come with uncontrolled hypertension are a threat to life. With that, do not hesitate to visit your health providers and pharmacy to help address hypertension.

If you need medications and supplies to counter the deadly effects of hypertension and other conditions, call us here at Garden City Pharmacy. Our retail pharmacy in Westland, Michigan is more than happy to be part of your healing. Call us today for your inquiries!

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